Akshay Srivatsan

/əˈkʃeɪ ʃɹiˈvʌθ.sən/

Also: அக்ஷய் ஶ்ரீவத்ஸன், अक्षय श्रीवत्सन, 𑌅𑌕𑍍𑌷𑌯𑍍 𑌶𑍍𑌰𑍀𑌵𑌤𑍍𑌸𑌨𑍍, and 𑀅𑀓𑁆𑀱𑀬𑁆 𑀰𑁆𑀭𑀻𑀯𑀢𑁆𑀲𑀦𑁆

This page is also available in Latin, Tamil, Sanskrit, and Hindi.


A portrait of me with the San Francisco skyline in the background.

I’m a PhD student at the Stanford University Department of Computer Science. I’m interested in computer systems and networking, and especially operating systems. I also like using computer science to support/enable other subjects (e.g., Stagecast for theatre and Proleptic for music).

In Winter 2023, I am co-teaching the new course CS 45: Software Tools Every Programmer Should Know, and I’m continuing to assist with CS 140E: Operating Systems Design and Implementation for the 3rd year.

Outside of school, I’m also interested in analog and digital photography, playing the piano, and learning languages.


I’m currently a PhD student in the Stanford University Computer Science Department. I recently finished my masters degree focusing on computer systems (2020–2022), and before that I also did my undergrad at Stanford (2017–2021), focusing on computer graphics. Before that, I went to Menlo School for high school.


சொற்கள்: a Tamil word game, à la Wordle.

Carta: a course-planning website for Stanford students.

Stagecast and Proleptic: software to allow musicians and actors to rehearse and perform shows over the internet.


Research Assistant: Stanford CS (Autumn 2022)

I worked as a research assistant in the Systems and Network Research lab on Proleptic, the next generation of Stagecast. This updated version is designed to allow piano players to play duets simultaneously over the Internet, even when faced with network latency that would normally make it difficult to stay in sync.

Course Assistant: Stanford CS 240LX (Spring 2022)

I was a course assistant for CS 240LX: Advanced Systems Laboratory, Accelerated. This course is a continuation of CS 140E, and the course is being offered for the second time (the first was Spring 2020, when I took it).

For more info, go to the GitHub repo.

Course Assistant: Stanford CS 140E (Winter 2022)

I was a course assistant for CS 140E: Operating Systems Design and Implementation. I helped students debug during biweekly lab sessions, ran office hours, redesigned the filesystems lab, and helped with final projects.

For more info, go to the GitHub repo.

Robotics Intern: Aqua Satellite (Summer 2021)

At Aqua Satellite, I set up the development infrastructure and wrote the initial control and simulation software for Thaumas, an automated underwater vehicle.

Course Assistant: Stanford CS 140E (Spring 2021)

I was the sole course assistant for CS 140E: Operating Systems Design and Implementation. As part of my responsibilities, I reviewed lesson plans, refined assignment specifications, held office hours, assisted students in biweekly lab sessions, and evaluated student work.

For more info, go to the GitHub repo.

Production Engineering Intern: Instagram (Summer 2020)

At Instagram, I interned on the Instagram Machine Learning Team (IGML) and developed software used by teams across Instagram and Facebook.

Production Engineering Intern: Facebook (Summer 2019)

At Facebook, I interned on the Feed and Stories Team (FAST) and developed software used by the production engineering and software engineering teams.




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