Akshay Srivatsan

/əˈkʃeɪ ʃɹiˈvʌθ.sən/

Also: அக்ஷய் ஶ்ரீவத்ஸன், अक्षय श्रीवत्सन, 𑌅𑌕𑍍𑌷𑌯𑍍 𑌶𑍍𑌰𑍀𑌵𑌤𑍍𑌸𑌨𑍍, and 𑀅𑀓𑁆𑀱𑀬𑁆 𑀰𑁆𑀭𑀻𑀯𑀢𑁆𑀲𑀦𑁆

This page is also available in Latin, Tamil, and Sanskrit.


A portrait of me with the San Francisco skyline in the background.

I’m a graduate student at Stanford University doing my masters in Computer Science. I focus mostly on computer systems and robotics nowadays, and I previously did my undergrad focusing on computer graphics and simulation. My experience ranges from raytracers to websites, but I mostly like working at the OS level and working with hardware. I’ve worked at Stanford, Facebook/Instagram, and Aqua Satellite.

Outside of school/work, I’m also interested in analog and digital photography, playing the piano, and learning languages.


I’m currently pursuing a masters degree at Stanford University, focusing on computer systems within the Department of Computer Science. I also did my undergrad at Stanford (2017–2021), focusing on computer graphics. Before that, I went to Menlo School for high school.


Carta: a course-planning website for Stanford students.

Stagecast: software to allow musicians and actors to rehearse and perform shows online during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Course Assistant: Stanford CS 140E (Winter 2022)

I’m currently assisting with CS 140E: Operating Systems Design and Implementation.

For more info, go to the GitHub repo.

Robotics Intern: Aqua Satellite (Summer 2021)

At Aqua Satellite, I set up the development infrastructure and wrote the initial control and simulation software for Thaumas, an automated underwater vehicle.

Course Assistant: Stanford CS 140E (Spring 2021)

I was the sole course assistant for CS 140E: Operating Systems Design and Implementation. As part of my responsibilities, I reviewed lesson plans, refined assignment specifications, held office hours, assisted students in biweekly lab sessions, and evaluated student work.

For more info, go to the GitHub repo.

Production Engineering Intern: Instagram (Summer 2020)

At Instagram, I interned on the Instagram Machine Learning Team (IGML) and developed software used by teams across Instagram and Facebook.

Production Engineering Intern: Facebook (Summer 2019)

At Facebook, I interned on the Feed and Stories Team (FAST) and developed software used by the production engineering and software engineering teams.




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