Akshay Srivatsan

/əˈkʃeɪ ʃɹiˈvʌθ.sən/

Also: அக்ஷய் ஶ்ரீவத்ஸன், अक्षय श्रीवत्सन, 𑌅𑌕𑍍𑌷𑌯𑍍 𑌶𑍍𑌰𑍀𑌵𑌤𑍍𑌸𑌨𑍍, and 𑀅𑀓𑁆𑀱𑀬𑁆 𑀰𑁆𑀭𑀻𑀯𑀢𑁆𑀲𑀦𑁆

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About Me

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I’m a first-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Stanford University, advised by Professors Keith Winstein and Dawson Engler. I’m currently working on functional operating systems in the Systems and Networking Research Lab. Outside of school, I’m interested in analog and digital photography, playing the piano, and learning languages.

In addition to my PhD advisors, I’ve also had the privilege to work with:


I recently co-taught CS 45: Software Tools Every Programmer Should Know with Ayelet Drazen and Jonathan Kula. We also developed and taught the premiere offering in Winter 2023. We designed this course to cover all the basic tools and concepts programmers (both software engineers and CS students) are required to know, but which never get taught in CS classes; it’s inspired by MIT’s Missing Semester course, but strives to go more in-depth and cover the conceptual background underlying the tools. Our two-quarter pilot run was successful enough that the course will be taught in the future as CS 104: Introduction to Essential Software Systems and Tools.

I’ve been involved in teaching CS 140E: Operating Systems Design and Implementation for several years. I TAed the course in Spring 2021, Winter 2022, and Winter 2023. I also TAed the next course in the sequence, CS 240LX, in Spring 2022. CS 140E is a hands-on approach to operating system development, starting from baremetal assembly code running on a Raspberry Pi and working up to a small UNIX-style operating system, with a strong focus on correctness testing and verification. CS 240LX extends the base OS built in CS 140E to include many additional checking/verification tools like a race detector and various memory checkers.


I did my M.S. and B.S. at Stanford, in 2022 and 2021 respectively. My undergraduate specialization was computer graphics, and my masters specialization was computer systems. Before that, I went to high school at Menlo School.


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